Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ashley's Song

While reading comments on Ashley’s Facebook page after her passing on Wed, Aug. 18 our family friend Ray Irby was inspired to write a song for her. He began writing the song the day Ashley’s passed and continued to work on it the following day. The song wasn’t completed but Kathy really wanted Ray to finish the song and sing it at Ashley’s memorial service on Friday the 20th of Aug. That morning Ray woke and the words to complete the song had been placed on his heart. Ray is certain God gave him the words to complete the song so he could sing it at Ashley’s service. It is with his permission that we share this song with you.
Dancing with Angels (Ashley’s Song)
by: Raymond Irby

1. The angels were waiting, so anxiously.
Their wings started waving they were waiting to see
A Child they had watched over so tenderly.
Now she was coming home always to be.
When the party’s in Heaven, nothings left to chance.
The music is playing, their ready to dance…..

2. Jesus comes over and gives her a kiss.
She sees her dear loved ones that she has long missed
She sees all of Heaven her heart filled with bliss.
She never imagined it would all be like this.
The music’s still playing, she gives God a glance.
He winks at His child and tells her to dance…..

3. In all of Heaven, the angels can’t wait
for all of God’s children to celebrate.
The journey won’t end at those pearly gates
if you live life for Jesus, it’s never too late.
To go dancing, dancing with angels
Go dancing, dancing with angels

She’s dancing with angels, dancing around.
She’s free and she’s happy. She’s no longer bound
to her pain or body, she’s totally free.
She’s dancing with angels through eternity.
Yes she’s dancing. Dancing with angels.
She’s dancing, dancing with angels….

Thank you Ray blessing us with this beautifully written song. May we all find peace and comfort through your words and inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

This is a Beautiful song. Ray is right Ashley is dancing with Angles and she is pain free and completely Heal. We missed her very much. But we will always have our memories. Love Cindy